Military Transition

Don’t make the transition to civilian life on your own. I’ll show you how to find purpose, overcome trauma and deal with the unknown.

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Phil Ayles, DD MPA

Heart of Gold

“Phil has a heart of gold and sees potential in everyone around him. He has overcome many challenges in his military career which sets him up to be the perfect coach and mentor for others transitioning out of the military to the civilian side.”

Full Spectrum

“Phil has a joy-filled personality. He sees the big picture and wants the best for everyone and every situation. Contact Phil if you need someone with a perspective that encompasses a range of human experiences.”

Above and Beyond

“Phil goes above and beyond to help others find their inner selves and achieve their goals. I've known Phil for years. He coached me through my divorce and child custody and I'm now happily remarried and know my path in life.”

You have everything to gain.

The longer you wait, the harder it gets. Here's what you can gain by working with Phil.

Find your mission purpose and identity.

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Learn to overcome trauma.

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Navigate the challenges of an unstructured world.

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Gain happiness and belonging.

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Deepen and heal relationships with loved ones.

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Overcome the obstacles to your success.

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About Phil Ayles

Phil Ayles

Hi I’m Phil, I’m the founder and CEO of Ayles Solutions LLC. I’m an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner who uses Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness to assist veterans in finding their purpose to live their happiest life possible. I understand the difficulty of transitioning back into “normal society” after serving your country - because I’ve done it!

The pain of the unknown is difficult to navigate on your own. There is a sense of a lost identity when everything you are trained for is the worst-case scenario. Stepping back from the constant action is often stressful.

My coaching focuses on teaching the individual to understand their emotions and react appropriately in any given situation.

Together we discover what obstacles may be involved when trying to get to the next level in your life.

I am combat service (Operation Iraqi Freedom) disabled veteran with 24 years of service in the US Army. I served in the Military Police, Civil Affairs, and Intelligence (Human Intel). I have extensive international experience in Germany, Iraq, Kuwait, Panama, Honduras, South Korea, and others.

After leaving the military I lost everything. I bought a used class-A motorhome and decided to discover myself and this great country. I traveled across the US, reconnected with my fellow Americans and learned how to overcome my own PTSD trauma.

In 2018 I settled down in Jacksonville and started Ayles Solutions to share everything I learned and enable others to heal and attain success the way I did.

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Packages and Pricing

Military Transition Package

$800 now only $500

Overcome trauma, lack of structure and grab the reins to your own destiny. In this program I teach you how to achieve your own success and overcome any obstacles you’re facing as a result of transitioning out of the military.

First Responder Package

$300 now only $250

Learn to step out of constant fight or flight mode and find peace. Learn to be more effective at work and at home. You can’t miss this opportunity.

1 on 1 Session

$200 per session

Get in touch with Phil for a one hour consult. This is a great place to start if you’re not sure what you need to tackle.

We don't just work with military.

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First Responders

Feel like you can't ever relax? Learn to step out of the constant fight or flight and find balance.

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Law Enforcement

Need help getting past a traumatic situation? Looking to develop more balance and emotional intelligence? Phil can help.

soldier giving his daughter a hug

Active Military

Phil has your back. With over 24 years of experience he understands the complexities and challenges of active duty.

Not sure which plan is right for you?

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